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Inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners

Invite us to your ​organization, university, co-work, incubator, networking group, conference, podcast, etc., to share with you in the format ofconference or talk, some of the topics that we are passionate about. 
About Juanjo Cervantes

Juanjo is the ambassador of the Profit Center. When working as a consultant for SMEs, he encounters a common challenge among many business owners: The lack of financial knowledge, which leads to poor decision making (moving away from profits). Its mission is to increase the success of businesses by providing them with practical tools that guarantee their permanence and growth.

Some talks ready to share:
Your business: from a monster that devours money to a profit machine

Based on the book "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz, this talk shares a simple and cutting-edge method, which allows the generation of profits in the business from the first moment of implementing it.

Participants will be able to identify if their business is $healthy (or in a state of survival), they will know the Profit First formula and the four principles to have a $healthy business.

Get more juice out of your business

Making a good orange juice depends on making certain basic decisions, such as the proper selection of oranges, the type of juicer, and the portion we want to take.


In this talk, methods and concepts are shared that will help the participant to increase the profitability of their business through effective decision-making on a day-to-day basis (operation).

Topics we like to talk about:
  • smart growth

  • Business Models

  • Innovation

  • Productivity

  • Value proposal

  • market niches

  • Challenges with partners

Some spaces in which we have been invited to share

Congresses and Forums


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