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Mike Michalowicz

Profit First Professionals Strategist


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Mike Michalowicz

Profit First Professionals Strategist



Juanjo Cervantes
Founder and Director of The Profit Center

Director and Strategist of Profit First

Juanjo is the ambassador of the Profit Center. When working as a SME consultant, he finds with a common challenge among many business owners: The lack of financial knowledge, which leads to poor decision making (staying away from profits). Its mission is to increase the success of businesses by providing them with practical tools that guarantee their permanence and growth.

Mike is the entrepreneur behind three multi-billion dollar companies and author ofProfit First, The Pumpkin Plan and the book which BusinessWeek considers a classic for entrepreneursThe Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. He is a columnist for the Wall Street Journal on small businesses, international speaker on entrepreneurship issues and creator of the Profit First methodology. Mike is a counselor at The Profit Center.


daniel valadez
Profit Advisor


roman gonzalez
Data Scientist

Daniel works as a Profit Advisor, supporting clients in the implementation of the methodologies of the Profit Center, He is convinced of that the primary objective of every business is to make a profit. His experience and analytical ability to identify profitability opportunities is one of his greatest assets.

Román collaborates as our data scientist for those challenges where the spreadsheet falls short. Beyond being a scientist, we jokingly say (almost true) that is a prophet. Curious and analytical, he is always looking for challenges and new things to learn about various topics. 

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